Sustainable tips for your business

Meal from sustainable cafe

Make the move towards creating a sustainable hospitality business today with these ideas!

With customers seeking out more and more sustainable businesses, are you ready to take steps to become a more sustainable business?

Public awareness of climate change has shifted tremendously over the last few years. 

Our hospitality scene is taking note, it’s time for you join the movement too! 

I’ve had the opportunity to meet with some wonderfully sustainable venues over the last few months so I’ve put together a collection of ideas successfully implemented to start you on your journey:

1. consider your products

  • Source sustainable coffee.
  • Support local businesses and farmers by getting your supplies from local sources.
  • Ask your suppliers to deliver your fresh produce in reusable crates or baskets, avoiding plastic.

Supporting local businesses also helps to support the local community which, in turn, can help to support your own business.  By using local produce, you are, in fact, being economically sustainable as well as environmentally sustainable.

Hand scooping up coffee beans

2. consider your consumables

  • Remove plastic straws and offer sustainable alternatives.
  • Avoid plastic bottles and stock glass bottles only. 
  • Buy organic hand wash and ditch the paper towel in the bathrooms.

Start by taking small steps, such as providing metal spoons for stirrers instead of disposable stirrers. 

3. food scraps

  • Turn your citrus peels into an organic all-purpose cleaner by letting them ferment in vinegar for a few weeks.
  • Look into food compost options including compost collectors!
  • Turn those coffee grounds into fertiliser, even better if you can use them to fertilise your own herb garden of veggie patch.

Consider gifting your clients with coffee grounds;  coffee is an excellent fertiliser that adds nutrients to depleted soil, attracts worms (good thing), supporting plant growth. Perfect for outside plants and the potted ones too!

Sustainable household cleaning product using lemons

4. your set up

  • Where possible, change lighting to LED.
  • Fewer menu items means you can be more efficient in the kitchen and produce less waste.
  • Scrap paper and go digital where possible! 

Sustainability doesn’t stop with your menu. Consider investing in energy-efficient equipment and install motion-sensitive lights in the hallways or toilets.

Eating out is good for everyone, and with each of taking a few small steps towards a positive change for our community, we can drive a bigger impact.

Are you already on the path to a sustainable business? Share your tips with me at [email protected]

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